About Gluten Free Subs

As we know Gluten, awareness is on the rise and so is the number of people being diagnosed with Gluten allergies. The Celiac Disease Foundation estimates that nearly one percent of the worlds population suffers from Celiac disease with most of those affected being undiagnosed. Celiac is a lifelong auto-immune condition that usually manifests itself like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). There is no medication for Celiac Disease or even a cure, but it can be controlled by following a strict Gluten Free diet.

With the growing demand for Gluten Free diets and the owner having a family member diagnosed with Celiac disease the challenges they go through when going out to eat is apparent. For this reason, Good Grub Subs became the first sandwich shop ever, to offer a Gluten Free Sub sandwich. Now people with Gluten Sensitivity can come enjoy a wonderful toasted Sub, with Boars Head meats and cheeses sliced daily, on a Gluten Free hoagie roll. We have a dedicated station for all Gluten free products to help minimize cross contamination and by using the finest Gluten Free products, now customers with gluten sensitivity can come in and enjoy a wonderful toasted Sub. We ensure that each of our employees are well trained in the areas of food allergies so our customers feel confident that we have taken all precautionary measures to eliminate cross contamination.

We will continue to look for ways to expand our Gluten free offerings to provide the very best products to our customers. Since we also offer a wide variety of other items like Subs, Soups, Salads and Wraps the entire family can come in to eat and not worry about a family member with Gluten sensitivity not being able to eat.